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Qniform preAlpha01 Release by macguyvok Qniform preAlpha01 Release by macguyvok
Initial Qniform Release

Yup. A solid week's work, and I have (most) of the horrible bugs squished. What's more, I managed to complete the exporter framework. It is, in theory, possible for you to make your own templates, and export using them.

So, I figured I'd get some feedback before pushing out an alpha release.

Right now, everything that I've implemented was tested at lease once. Most things have been tested at least a hundred times. A lot of functionality is missing, but the following should work well enough for light to daily use:

- Open/Save/SaveAs
- New Document/Folder/TextFile
- Export to HTML/dAHTML
- Spell Check
- Bold/Italic/Underline

What doesn't work:
- Using the program heavily: it will crash!
- Anything that breaks

Yeah, I know, it's bad form to admit that your program will crash, but, it's an issue with a library, and not my fault; I'm waiting on them to fix it. It seems to happen most often when opening files, but don't blame me if it dies and you loose work; there is no auto saving. (I've yet to loose work in it, but your mileage may vary.)

The above screenshot is some randomness I wrote in 30 seconds on windows 7 using the same file you'll be using, not my development build.

Install Instructions

Installer coming soon. I didn't have time at work to make one today. I'll use it when I wrap up Alpha 0.0.1. Anyhow, just extract the zip somewhere you want it, and then run qniform.exe (I know, I need an icon. Anyone want to volunteer one?)


The download can be found here: Qniform preAlpha01

Also, I now have a project page here. Feel free to register, and make bug reports. Or Note me (but there's much less of a chance of my getting around to bugs in a dA note then one on on my project page.)

Edit: New download location, and some bug fixes; mostly annoyances, and a harmless error that generated a logfile.
Uncleserb Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2009
nice job! using Redmine eh?! nice clean job on the app layout and simple icons.
macguyvok Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer

And, yeah, using redmine for now. I've got a much larger project of replacing it with a custom setup that doesn't aggravate me nearly as much as redmine does. Thankfully, I've got a couple people working on that; figure in the next month or so it should be ready to start moving over to.
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August 31, 2009
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