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August 31, 2009
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Qniform preAlpha01 Release by macguyvok Qniform preAlpha01 Release by macguyvok
Initial Qniform Release

Yup. A solid week's work, and I have (most) of the horrible bugs squished. What's more, I managed to complete the exporter framework. It is, in theory, possible for you to make your own templates, and export using them.

So, I figured I'd get some feedback before pushing out an alpha release.

Right now, everything that I've implemented was tested at lease once. Most things have been tested at least a hundred times. A lot of functionality is missing, but the following should work well enough for light to daily use:

- Open/Save/SaveAs
- New Document/Folder/TextFile
- Export to HTML/dAHTML
- Spell Check
- Bold/Italic/Underline

What doesn't work:
- Using the program heavily: it will crash!
- Anything that breaks

Yeah, I know, it's bad form to admit that your program will crash, but, it's an issue with a library, and not my fault; I'm waiting on them to fix it. It seems to happen most often when opening files, but don't blame me if it dies and you loose work; there is no auto saving. (I've yet to loose work in it, but your mileage may vary.)

The above screenshot is some randomness I wrote in 30 seconds on windows 7 using the same file you'll be using, not my development build.

Install Instructions

Installer coming soon. I didn't have time at work to make one today. I'll use it when I wrap up Alpha 0.0.1. Anyhow, just extract the zip somewhere you want it, and then run qniform.exe (I know, I need an icon. Anyone want to volunteer one?)


The download can be found here: Qniform preAlpha01

Also, I now have a project page here. Feel free to register, and make bug reports. Or Note me (but there's much less of a chance of my getting around to bugs in a dA note then one on on my project page.)

Edit: New download location, and some bug fixes; mostly annoyances, and a harmless error that generated a logfile.
nice job! using Redmine eh?! nice clean job on the app layout and simple icons.
macguyvok Sep 6, 2009  Hobbyist Writer

And, yeah, using redmine for now. I've got a much larger project of replacing it with a custom setup that doesn't aggravate me nearly as much as redmine does. Thankfully, I've got a couple people working on that; figure in the next month or so it should be ready to start moving over to.
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